Eradicate the effects of poverty by 2025.
But we can't accomplish this without your help.


As created equals, we provide and restore respect, hope and place in the community by providing access to resources to the under-served of Milwaukee one life at a time, and inspire and train others to do the same.


  • We are both the object and the subject of our mission
  • We connect the disconnected
  • We serve one person at a time
  • We give of ourselves
  • We prioritize respect, dignity, and hope
  • We provide a means to an end
  • We don’t ask questions; we just provide service and friendship


We engage and collaborate with the community through the people of the community who help identify and express tangible and felt needs. We work with the community to experience and harness their organic creativity and resources to partners with us to met those needs. We expand our impact and invite those with many resources to participate in our vision, mission and strategy. We seek to multiply our efforts through a collective impact approach. We serve and invite others to serve with us as partners. By doing so we connect our lives to those who are served and as a result our talents are multiplied and we become a community.


as of 2015 we have distributed

300 Pairs of Winter Boots

300 Pairs of Jeans

1,000's of Sandwiches, Soups, Coffee, and Trail Mix

Since 2015, thousands of meals, and necessary resources have gone out to the Milwaukee community. In order to continue in this mission, we need to continue receiving donations of items, time, and money.