StreetLife was born out of the need to serve those with few resources. As a result of having too many volunteers at Despensa De la Paz pantry, partners David Nelson, Jack Ramsey, and Max Ramsey asked themselves what else they could do to serve their community. They decided to go to several spots in the community and provide some gear and a bit of food. They have worked every consecutive Saturday since then.

The multifaceted team is made up of caring humans from all walks of life and ages. Our youngest volunteer is approximately 10 years old, and our elder volunteers in their sixties. All have taken on the responsibility of service before self.

In addition to volunteers from Despensa, the team has enlisted the help and guidance from those who know the community best. Actual community members with few resources volunteer on a weekly basis to teach the team about what life is like, and to provide guidance to the team. This trust and guidance has resulted not only in building new relationships, but also the community members showing the team other places where those with few resources stay. We are constantly seeking these new locations in order to provide support, respect, and resources.

We provide more than sandwiches and coats. We provide hope for those who may not get it anywhere else.